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“rest your mind, refresh your heart”

The contemplative corner offers a space for you to rest your mind and to renew your heart. It is the blog space of Phil Daughtry and gives access to his reflective writings as well as his academic papers. The podcasts from this site include the voices of some of Phil’s companions in spirit as well as his own spoken voice. The vibe of the contemplative corner is influenced primarily by the Christian contemplative tradition and a theology that sees God lovingly at work in the whole world. The tone is reflective, curious, inclusive, open and progressive.

The Contemplative Corner


Truth and reality – Phil Daughtry The Contemplative Corner

In this podcast I refence Michael Leunig’s book of prayers: When I talk to you (Harper Collins, 2014).
  1. Truth and reality – Phil Daughtry
  2. The future – Phil Daughtry
  3. Look at the birds – Michelle Krieg
  4. A letter from Birmingham Jail – Ben Lohmeyer
  5. Meet my new best Friend – Kelly-Anne Caspersz



Do you have a secret place? A sacred space? Somewhere you can go to heal Recover from your wear and tear   The press and clamour of the daily round Have you learned how to say ‘no’ And ‘not now’ When it is time to say that Although there is no time It seems But theContinue reading Retreat

Ode to Spring

When the sun shines Dreams long buried Under permafrost of cares and concerns Will begin to thaw Their tendrils rising. When the sun shines The brittle ice Of our secret prejudice The hardness in our eyes Gives way to a gentle warmth. Hospitality to the stranger Empathy for the struggle. When the sun shines WatersContinue reading “Ode to Spring”


I walk with you on silent shores Our footprints in the sand An ocean of stillness whispers: “All is well”. We breathe together And with the ocean As we tell the stories of our beating hearts The sadness And the beauty The meaning  And the wonder The learning And the parts That don’t yet MakeContinue reading Intimacy

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