The grumpy day

Have you ever wondered what the angels get up to when they’re not rushing to save us from stepping in front of a moving bus and other random acts of unconscious self-harming? I put my imagination to the task and came up with the following piece as I thought about the way that grace permeates garden-variety bad days not just dramatic ones.

The grumpy day

It was a grumpy day

The sky was grumpy

The kids were grumpy

She was soundly honked by a grumpy driver on the way to work

He was snapped by the grumpy person on reception as he entered the office

The wind moaned grumpily

And echoed the serial whining of the resident office corridor grump 

The rain was grumpy and stayed inside the clouds, it wouldn’t come out to play

Which made the farmers grumpy

And the cattle had no grass

The angels noticed the accumulation of grumpiness and wondered what they could do

An intervention was planned

It started with a rainbow

It continued with sightings of small koalas

A little joey peeked out from its mother’s pouch and someone saw it in the forest

A bird began a chorus

The others joined in

The long summer twilight illuminated the eucalypts

Which glowed like burnished bronze

A small act of forgiveness was practised – it pierced a hole in the grumpy sky

Two people tenuously held each other’s hands

A small child hugged his father’s knees  

Smiles broke out and someone gave way in the traffic

Others played Frisbee in the park

A share house held a picnic in their backyard

Wine was opened and glasses poured – the sound was therapeutic

The angels looked at each other and said: “we have orchestrated a grumpy-day festival”

And they laughed and performed cartwheels in the sky – which angels love to do.

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