Sacraments of small resistance

We are easily overwhelmed by information about the dire state of our planet, the huge scale of the problem and the powers of vested interests that oppose solutions. Some time ago I listened to a sermon that advocated the value of small acts of environmental care as meaningful and sacramental. It inspired this muse:

Sacraments of small resistance

They showed us pictures of the Amazon burning

So we planted a tree in our own backyard

They told us stories of the melting snows

We built a home that will burn less fuel

We heard of species multiplying in extinction

We cleaned the pond to help the frogs

Our feed is jammed with tales of the apocalypse

We turned our plastic cups into park benches and railway sleepers

A youthful activist wept in anger and frustration

Angel wings fluttered

A soft breeze ruffled the feathers and fins

The big fuzzy bear dreamt of being held again

Against its mother’s breast

Politicians fell silent and the earth was relieved

Industry giants shrunk from a light that exposes their vandalism  

And thinly veiled self-interest

The mystics play the long game

They know the value of patience

Their hope is relentless

And all people of good faith

Sow seeds for new beginnings and a different way of living with the earth

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