Koalas love being koalas

The life of a koala involves climbing tall trees to reach the young eucalypt leaves on the spindly upper branches and, apart from that, mainly sleeping. Their party trick is making weird grunting noises in the night that seem completely discordant with their cuddly, fuzzy appearance. 

It’s a simple lifestyle and Koalas love it. Koalas love being koalas. And they are very, very good at it.

The gift of the koala to the world is their magical ability to lift the human spirit, just by being koalas. When you gaze at a koala, particularly in the wild, you will notice a therapeutic after-effect. Koala-gazing results in symptoms such as warm tummy feelings, gentle peacefulness and sensations of wonder. Koalas are better than drugs and they make themselves available for free.

Koalas are important spiritual teachers. They invite us to consider the deep happiness that comes from learning how to become very good at being ourselves. It is easier for them than it is for us, we have more complex inner and external voices and frameworks to negotiate. But they silently infer to us that we can learn to climb too, and to rest, and find nourishment in the natural environment of our personal settings. 


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