The still small voice

I seemed to be surrounded by troubles 

Afflictions, physical and other 

I wondered why God had abandoned me 

Or was at least distracted from my case  

“Carest thou not?!” 

I heard myself say (more than once) 

And of course no reply came 

Not in that moment 

Nor in days to come 

But later, sometime  

When I was distracted by some small source of wonder 

Perhaps it was reflected light from stained glass windows 

Or the transcendence of the choir  

A voice did speak 

You know the one that you hear inside  

But seems to come from a source beyond 

And I had prayed to God Almighty  

The grand fixer of my problems  

The reliever of my troubles 

But the voice I heard was like that of a small child 

Or perhaps a fuzzy little marsupial 

Like a Quokka   

Pure innocence and yet 

Profoundly authoritative  

It said, quite simply 

“I am helping you” 

And in that moment I could see 

The action and companionship of grace inside my struggles 

And I knew that somehow 

I had never been alone  

But was surprised 

To hear such a small and cute voice 

In place of the thunder God of my assumption  

And in that ray of sunbeam  

For less than half a second 

I saw it 

The face of Holy Spirit 

Who smiled and with a twinkle in the eye 


“Darling, I do like to keep you guessing”.  

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