A Mother

Here is a mother 

She has borne the cross of menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth 

It has left its marks 

For the joy of bringing new life into the world she has endured the pain, the mess, and the inconvenience  

It is to us that her daughters and sons have been given 

It is the child that makes the village and that lifts our spirits 

The earth is renewed by the pitter-patter of little feet 

And the sounds of small voices  

The wonder of their vision 

Awakens the jaded  

To enchantments long forgotten.   

Oh mum, your fatigue enables our renewal 

The offering of your body 

The loss of your mind 

The dark nights you have borne alone   

All this and more you have given 

That youth and beauty may come again 

That our story goes on 

For this we are deeply grateful 

And wonder at the pulse of Life  

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