Good morning

Flowers and tomatoes 

Trees and the sky 

Soil and rich compost 


Home makes us 

And grounds us 

Our home is the earth 

Its gardens and deserts 

Its mountains and creeks 

Its lakes and its beaches 

Its cities and its suburbs 

Belong to us all 

The common wealth of our spacious playground 

(Look up at the bigness of the sky, give thanks for the gift of a public library) 

And the little patch of ground 

The mean shelter 

The inner sanctuary 

Of our private space  

Whether tent, or lean-to, shed or mansion, or space within the cell 

A sanctuary of retreat 

And the dreaming of our sleep.  

And then!  

A magpie calls us to share in the melody of its morning prayer 

The joyful warbling of its welcome to the new day 

Clean and fresh 

Inviting us once more to step onto the dance floors of life and work 

A risky business 

We might tread on someone’s toes today 

Our own feet bruised by someone else’s unexpected move 

But we have drawn restorative energy from our home, the earth 

And so as we enter the dance, with optimism, with hope, with courage 

We are resilient by nature and from nature  

And today we will do our best 

Under the circumstances  

And it will be enough 

In fact it will prove to have been perfect and all that it was meant to be 

Because we are enough 

And the earth is our home 

Good morning! 

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