Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow never comes. From the moment it arrives, it has already turned into today. The idea of living in the present day is spiritually wise but is also grounded in the very nature and structure of the human experience of time. In fact, “spirituality” is another word for living truthfully, realistically within the world as it actually is. Psychologically, living in the present day makes absolute sense. We always have the capacity to get through the present day, no matter how difficult. It is when we begin to story-tell our doubts about our capacity to get through a week, month, season or year, that our spirits become overwhelmed and life seems too hard. We have overloaded the present day with morbid anxiety and put an extra weight on our packs that we are not designed to carry. The antidote? Coming back into the present day. Allowing tomorrow to be what it will be rather than seeking to predetermine its outcomes. In this way we maintain a healthy curiosity about each day as it opens up to us. This also releases within us a natural, tentative faith and hope for good outcomes and benefits. It enables us to lean towards gratitude and to become present to the small gifts and graces that punctuate our every days. I mean birdsong, a good cup of coffee, a chat to a neighbour or colleague, a smile from the person on the other side of the service counter. I mean the feel of the earth underneath our feet as we walk. The smell of the bakery as we pass. The miracle of a functioning body, the joy of mobility, the grace of breath, the quiet, steady pulse of the heart. Our dreams and fantasies, the wonderful places we can visit across the vast expanse of human imagination, ours and those of film makers, authors, poets and musicians. 

Tomorrow never comes. Today is eternal. Happiness can be found within its pleasantly sustainable boundaries.

Have a good today.    

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