Have you seen it?

Have you seen it?
The latest doom-laden documentary

Forecasting our inevitable,

Relentless, self-destruction

As we take down the planet

In collective insanity.

No, I haven’t

Yet made the time

To immerse myself further

In such narratives of despair.

I was distracted

By a ray of sunlight in late afternoon.

A smile from a stranger

The call of duty 

In front of me now to write this verse,

To bake that cake

Or fix the squeaking door.

Becoming present 

To this moment of opportunity. 

I won’t deny that the shadows are long

Yet find myself inexplicably seduced 

By optimism

Tempted by hope

Intoxicated with the gift of another day

Looking up into a sky

Where dreams whisper secrets and stories in the clouds.

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