When the forest speaks

When the forest speaks

We must listen.

A wisdom

Whispered by wind through leaves

And the mournful sigh 

Of creaking branches 

Echoing empathy for our loss.

The utter silence

The perfect stillness

A majesty, ancient in origin and place.

The forest speaks in a language of dreams

Without words 

And yet we hear a story  

Of our smallness

Our significance 

The blessed truth of the interwoven.

The forest will call us to reverence 

A lightness of tread

A skip of the heart

An opening of mind

Our soul, deeply rooted in the soil of this present moment 

Receives an overflowing surge 

Nutrients of imagination, hope, creativity, and wonder.

Our branches rise

As new leaves sprout

The song of our heart 

Joins voice with a universal chorus 

Singing the renewal of the earth

The revival of the weary heart.

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