Sunshine, mercy, and the breaking of bread

The sun comes up in the morning. It descends in the evening. In between times it shines on us, the earth, and our fellow creatures. When the sky is clear the sun seems to shine more brightly, and it lightens our hearts. When the clouds are there its resonance is still with us. If weContinue reading “Sunshine, mercy, and the breaking of bread”

Can you hear the music?

A colleague once asked an intriguing question: “What song would you like to have played at your funeral?” I’ve since taken the question and used it somewhat playfully in various small groups. What stands out for me as I consider the question, and other people’s response to it, is that music preference is deeply personal,Continue reading “Can you hear the music?”

The grace that flows through interrupted spaces and frustrated plans

A colleague arrived at work disappointed that she’d left home early to be on time for our staff prayer meeting but had been delayed by an accident in traffic. I thought to myself that although she had missed the prayer meeting, she had been perfectly placed to pray for those whose ordinary morning commute hadContinue reading “The grace that flows through interrupted spaces and frustrated plans”