Have you seen it?

Have you seen it?The latest doom-laden documentary Forecasting our inevitable, Relentless, self-destruction As we take down the planet In collective insanity. No, I haven’t Yet made the time To immerse myself further In such narratives of despair. I was distracted By a ray of sunlight in late afternoon. A smile from a stranger The callContinue reading “Have you seen it?”

As we turn away from the mirror

That long, torturous gaze  The beholding of our defects and dissatisfaction An opinion-skewed labyrinth of distorted reflections Haunted corridors of the damned. To be awakened by the mercy of a small voice A child’s hand An invitation to play  We are asked to pretend  To become a fire fighter A pilot A fairy By imaginationContinue reading “As we turn away from the mirror”

How far do you need to go to make the world a place worth living?

It turns out that you don’t need to go anywhere Nor do anything Other than become the best version of yourself  In the life and context that has been given In the humble task in front of you now And tomorrow And in the days ahead. The journey to take is within That simple turnContinue reading “How far do you need to go to make the world a place worth living?”

Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow never comes. From the moment it arrives, it has already turned into today. The idea of living in the present day is spiritually wise but is also grounded in the very nature and structure of the human experience of time. In fact, “spirituality” is another word for living truthfully, realistically within the world asContinue reading “Tomorrow never comes”