Holy Communion

Walking in the woods  The people noticed a flower  It seemed to be thriving  In the filtered sunlight  It stood proudly  Openly  Offering its leaves and petals  Fragile yet holding and releasing  An enchantment powerful enough to stop two people walking  They bowed in respect  The flower responded with silent benediction  Having paused to receiveContinue reading “Holy Communion”

Koalas love being koalas

The life of a koala involves climbing tall trees to reach the young eucalypt leaves on the spindly upper branches and, apart from that, mainly sleeping. Their party trick is making weird grunting noises in the night that seem completely discordant with their cuddly, fuzzy appearance.  It’s a simple lifestyle and Koalas love it. KoalasContinue reading “Koalas love being koalas”

A Day in the life of a Professional

Moments of spirit and humanity continue to rise in and through the most mundane, complex and seemingly secular settings. The art is to develop the eye and the heart to become present to them and to draw their goodness in. This muse is dedicated to that.  A Day in the life of a Professional SheContinue reading “A Day in the life of a Professional”