Sunshine, mercy, and the breaking of bread

The sun comes up in the morning.

It descends in the evening.

In between times it shines on us, the earth, and our fellow creatures.

When the sky is clear the sun seems to shine more brightly, and it lightens our hearts.

When the clouds are there its resonance is still with us.

If we fly up in an aeroplane above the clouds – we glimpse the sun’s transcendence.

The sun is truly ancient and yet new every morning.

Delivered to us fresh, like a baguette on the streets of Paris. But without charge.

The sun is an icon of mercy. It offers its warmth and light to us, independent of our behaviours and attitudes. It seeks to convert us silently, patiently to gratitude and to promote our health. 

Thank you sun for vitamin d and for making our vegetables grow. 

The bible tells us that God’s mercies are made new every morning, like the sun, ancient yet always fresh. 

Every day, an opportunity for a new start, a different story. 

The sun speaks to us of mercy as the basis of our existence, more fundamental to life than daily bread.

Let us be found in the sunshine and in the breaking and sharing of bread and of mercy.


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