Life resuscitation

A moment of conscious breathing

In a still space

At the end of our practice 

Was enough to lift me out of time

Grant me access to the universe

Which smiled and winked at me.

I saw how I floated 

On an ocean of compassion 

Was held and transported in fluid animation 

By the currents of tender kindness

Healing to my aching limbs

Life and health to my weary heart.

And there was no blame

Neither shame

How peaceful

How lovely

How real

More real

More truthful

Than all the lies collective. 

One moment of such beauty

One breath of eternal life

Dissolving an abundance of wicked words 

Evaporating the cumulative weight of discouragement 

So that I could be born again 

To stand tall with dignity

And progress joyfully 

Renewed as a presence in this world for good. 

Commentary on life resuscitation: This poem is inspired by my experience of Thursday night yoga class. We work hard, guided by the supportive and authoritative instruction of the teacher. We always finish with the ritual of rest and mindful awareness. Namaste. The impact is invariably meaningful and helpful, reminiscent of other rituals that draw me out of fragmentation and tortured patterns of thinking, bring me down to earth at the same time as seeming to lift me out of it. Attending worship in St Peter’s Cathedral (Adelaide, South Australia), has a similar yet different affect. Over time we all stumble upon practices that reveal themselves to us as portals from the world of daily grind and anxiety to the deeper and truer world of enchantment that we experience as love, wonder, grace, and peace.

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